Developer of Nintendo's Pokemon GO aiming for rollout to 200 markets soon

Pokemon Go’ News The New Game Is Now Officially Out in the UK

The virtual reality based game has blended the real world perfectly with an augmented Pokemon world.

Last week, Pokemon fans in the United States, Japan, Australia and New Zealand were in for a treat as the game launched in those selected countries. A couple of days back, the game expanded to Germany and the UK. But John Hanke, head of Niantic - the company that partnered with the Pokemon company to make the game - told The New York Times this week that firms would be able to buy locations "in the near future".

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Hanke declined to go into a detailed timeframe for further rollouts but noted that the company's first location-based augmented reality game Ingress had taken a month or two to reach that number of markets. It shattered the record of highest individual stock trading volume ever on the Tokyo share market. The Japanese game-maker, which owns a 30 per cent stake in the Pokemon company and shares in Niantic, saw its shares jump 16 per cent yesterday, taking its gain over the week to 75 per cent, adding $15 billion to its value. "We're aware of the server issues that our players have been experiencing and are working around the clock to resolve them as soon as possible".

He confirmed that the game would soon be coming to Japan and that he expects "ultimately to launch" the game in South Korea, where Google's mapping functions are restricted due to security issues with North Korea. He also spoke about beginning sponsorship scheme similar to that of Ingress. Globally, Niantic now has eight corporate sponsors for Ingress, including SoftBank Group Corp.