Designer of Pro-Trump Grammys Dress Is an Immigrant


He was first discovered on Rihanna's Bravo reality show, Styled to Rock, and launched his label in San Diego in 2013, selling ready-to-wear and red-carpet looks online only. The dress had Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" down the front while the train of the dress read "Trump".

The President Donald Trump-supporting dress of Villa earned reactions from all sides.

Villa said she has received backlash and even death threats for wearing the dress, but she said she has been more overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and love she's experienced. A few singles also now populate the top 10, and the album made a similar jump to the top of the iTunes charts, as well. You can either stand for what you believe or fall for what you don't.

And after Trump's election victory, Villa wrote on Instagram that she will "overcome and persevere". It was previously ranked on Amazon at No. 543,202 before her Grammy appearance. So far, her biggest claim to fame is showing up at the Grammy Awards for the past three years in outlandish outfits with the hopes of making Best (or Worst) Dressed lists.

In her Instagram post, Villa wrote that her whole artistic platform is about the love of her supporters and friends.

Andre Soriano, the fashion designer behind the dress who is also a naturalized citizen from the Philippines, told The Hollywood Reporter that the dress spreads a message of unity. She did however re-tweet a handful of posts praising her and referring to her as a Trump supporter after the Grammys.

"We have to bring this country back", he said. I'm from the Philippine islands.

Soriano said the dress was created for the sole goal of bringing about unity. I am a minority, Joy is black.

She said getting these responses really makes her feel like she did something to unify the country.

Without solid numbers, it's hard to judge how much Villa's own album sales have leaped, but it's clear she succeeded in one thing: making a statement.