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Democratic House race in Virginia highlights primary voting in five states

Democratic House race in Virginia highlights primary voting in five states

And keep in mind: Unlike the November elections, you can only vote on one party ticket in the primaries.

People are choosing who will run to represent the commonwealth in nine congressional districts, but, so far, not many people have showed up to the polls in some areas on Tuesday, June 12. Republicans said she's trying to hide her extreme views.

Women are running for their party's nominations in six of Virginia's 11 House districts, and Democrats may end up nominating female candidates in all four of the districts where they are targeting to take from Republicans.

Nevada is a state where Democrats see Clinton as an asset, especially in a Democratic primary.

A recent court decision in one state-Pennsylvania-threw out those old gerrymandered district boundaries and forced new, more Democrat- friendly boundaries onto the state's 19 seats in the House of Representatives, which in turn helped put eight seats now held by Republicans-and only one seat now held by a Democrat-into the "competitive race" category.

"We came to realize that people were rising up and realizing that we can't sit on the sidelines anymore, and I came to realize that I can't do that either", she said in an interview.

Additionally, Republican voters across Virginia must decide which candidate will face Democratic incumbent Sen.

The state's tightest House race is in the 10th district, which includes part of Northern Virginia.

The simple math-24 more non competitive seats are held by Democrats than are held by Republicans-and the Republicans have 69 more seats at risk in competitive districts than Democrats-suggests that the Democrats are well positioned to secure the net gain of 23 seats they need to secure a narrow 218 to 217 majority in the November 2018 mid-term elections. Karen Mallard. Ralph Northam won this district last November 51%-47%.

Comstock is facing a primary challenge of her own, from conservative challenger Shak Hill. In suburban Richmond's seventh district, former Central Intelligence Agency officer Abigail Spanberger, who was endorsed by the pro-choice fundraising group Emily's List, faces former Marine Corps pilot Dan Ward in the Democratic primary.

Republicans in VA-02: Incumbent Rep. Scott Taylor vs. The victor will face incumbent Rep. Dave Brat (R - 7th District).

"It's easier to get the truth out of the White House than to get lunch money out of Mark Sanford, so I'd say that any race in which a challenger convinces him to spend real money is a serious one", Rob Godfrey, a former top adviser to ex-South Carolina GOP Gov. Nikki Haley, told Politico. Arrington has sought to use Sanford's frequent criticism of Trump as a wedge with GOP primary voters. It lets voters rank candidates by preference rather than choosing just one. But an influx of Latinos and other blue-leaning voters since then has given Democrats a lead of 97,325 registered voters as of May compared with a Republican lead of 3,250 registered voters in 1998, according to Nevada secretary of state data.

Friedman, who said she chose to run for office in part because Trump "scared my kids", said potential Democrat-led impeachment proceedings in the House would be "one of the most serious moments in our nation's history", but wouldn't commit to voting for impeachment without reviewing any impeachment articles.

Republican Catherine Templeton and Democrat Marguerite Willis are vying to become South Carolina's governor, though both face long odds of emerging victorious in their primaries.