Delta Responds To Ann Coulter Tantrum

Ann Coulter

The Washington Post notes this isn't the first time Coulter has publicly aired her issues with Delta, including a complaint a few years ago in which she noted she was seated near a person "who smells like a NYC cabdriver".

In its statement, the airline said that Ms. Coulter had originally booked seat 15F, which was by the window in an exit row, but that within 24 hours of the flight's departure, she changed to seat 15D, which is by the aisle.

This situation, by the way, was not the other passenger's fault, and any sympathy that one might have had for Coulter evaporated when she kept volleying insults about this perceived injustice.

However, one of Coulter's last tweets Saturday that she had not been offered any compensation or apology for her woes.

Coulter responded to Delta's statement via a separate retweet from an Ann Coulter fanpage.

The six foot tall, right-leaning TV commentator and author, 55, took to Twitter on Saturday to complain that she'd been booted from her reserved "comfort" seat which comes with an extra three inches of leg room. "@Delta sucks", Coulter wrote.

"'Why are you taking me out of the extra room seat I specifically booked, @Delta?'" Coulter tweeted alongside it. "'Flight attendant: "'I don't know". The airline was quoted by Reuters as saying in a now-deleted Tweet the airline is "sorry you did not receive the preferred seat you paid for".

"Additionally, your insults about our other customers and employees are unacceptable and unnecessary", Delta said in a second tweet. I looked up the aircraft, considered my options and booked the seat I wanted.

Coulter continued her rant well into Sunday by bashing Delta flight attendants and gate agents as "Nurse Ratchets". The inflammatory conservative pundit went full tooth and nail on the legacy carrier after they gave away her pre-booked $30 premium seating to another passenger.

Hanna Flint hinted at potential racism and xenophobia by tweeting: "Go ahead and say it Ann, they gave it to this brown woman. I have pictures so don't lie, @Delta!". Most likely a death in the family.

Delta Airlines' seating policy can be found on their website.