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Deaths reported after likely tornado rips through Oklahoma town

El Reno, Oklahoma Tornado: Hotel Leveled, Multiple Deaths Reported

At least two people have been killed after a tornado tore through the city of El Reno in Oklahoma, destroying a hotel and damaging a mobile home park, officials said.

In Oklahoma, two people died in the flooding and storms, and 87 others were injured, the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management said in a press release.

It hit the American Budget Value Inn before ripping through the Skyview Estates trailer park, flipping and levelling homes, according to mayor Matt White. The second floor of the motel has fallen completely through to the first floor and parking lot.

Trailers at a mobile home park adjacent to the motel were also damaged, as was part of a nearby vehicle dealership.

City officials are asking the public to give first responders space as they continue their search and rescue efforts.

The City of El Reno has established a GoFundMe to help residents affected by the tornado, which lasted only "5 to 10 minutes" but lofted debris "up to a height of 7,000 feet", ripping mobile homes from their foundations and tearing through streets and highways. Moments later, she heard her next-door neighbor's mobile home slam into hers before it flipped over and landed on her roof.

"There's a lot of damage over here we didn't know about because we couldn't see at night". She said when she heard the storm coming she immediately hit the ground.

He recognised his mother's number, but there was no voice on the other end when he answered. She said there was a tornado warning on her phone but the sirens did not go off until after the tornado hit. "I thought, 'That's weird, '" he said.

He said when he arrived at his parent's home, he found it blocked by debris and sitting with another trailer on top of it.

The weather pattern that has set off violent storms and flooding from the Texas Panhandle north to Iowa will remain in place for at least the next three or four days, he said.

"There could be a brief break, but the pattern still looks like it remains favorable for some type of thunderstorm activity across the central part of the country pretty much through the week", said Chenard. "But when it kind of got calm all of a sudden, that's when it didn't feel right".

There are confirmed injuries in the hotel, the station said, but it is not yet clear how many.

In the next breath, Garrison added: "Items can be replaced".