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Dead After Evacuation of Florida Nursing Home: Mayor

Authorities seek answers after Florida nursing home deaths

Sharief explained that the causes of death was not immediately clear.

The police and fire departments were called to the nursing home around 4 a.m. Wednesday.

What they found was devastating: Based on initial estimates, 25% of the houses there have been destroyed, FEMA said.

"The loss of these individuals is a profound tragedy within the larger tragedy of Hurricane Irma, and we extend our deepest sympathies to the families of these residents", Knapp said. A spokesperson for the Memorial Hospital system said the nursing home is not part of the hospital chain. "I have been out and around the city today, and I have witnessed the heroes getting people out of their homes, and it is going to continue". "What we have been generally treating is dehydration, severe respiratory conditions and heat exhaustion".

"It's gonna take months, maybe years to get this cleaned up", said Holley, who ignored orders to evacuate and braved the storm on Cudjoe Key.

"I can tell you from driving around you see lines down all over the place", Albers said. Approximately 150 facilities out of the almost 700 facilities in the state do not now have full power restored, according to the Florida Health Care Association.

Utility workers fix power lines in Marathon, Florida, after Hurricane Irma.

The police chief also confirmed that 115 other residents have been evacuated and taken to nearby facilities, which police will be investigating to look for any other patients in distress.

"There's nothing we can do", Long told Local10. "It points to the need for having plans in advance when it comes to emergency preparation". He said he's been calling Florida Power & Light for days to get the air conditioning fixed and that there was nothing he could do. Broward County hadn't identify this nursing home as a "top-tier, critical infrastructure" facility, he said.

An estimated 150 facilities out of the almost 700 in the state are now without full power services, the association said.

"Authorities sent an aircraft carrier and other Navy ships to help with search-and-rescue operations in Florida on Monday as a flyover of the hurricane-battered Keys yielded what the governor said were scenes of devastation".

Three residents were found dead at the nursing home and two others died at the hospital, Sharief said during a media conference Wednesday. For three days, the facility lacked power, and for three days, elderly patients suffered in rising heat.

The Miami Herald quoted Flora Mitchell, a 61-year-old who had come to search for information about her sister, a resident there for 10 years. She can't talk or walk. It is located at 1200 N 35 Avenue in Hollywood. The temperature is supposed to touch the mark of 90s in Hollywood this week.