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Cricketer Alex Hepburn found guilty of rape after WhatsApp 'sexual conquest game'

Cricketer found guilty of raping woman as part of Whats App ‘game’ to be jailed

A former county cricketer has been found guilty of raping a sleeping woman during a sexual conquest "game".

The jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict following about 11 hours of deliberations.

A distraught Hepburn was then seen slumping into his seat, covering his face with his hands before sobbing.

He was cleared of a second count of rape and will be sentenced at Hereford Crown Court on April 30.

During his trial, Hepburn admitted to have sent "disgusting, terrible and embarrassing" messages through WhatsApp to his teammates while entering a sexual contest competition with his teammates, reported The Guardian.

The inadmissable WhatsApp messages, which can now be reported, included one in which Hepburn described himself and teammate Joe Clarke as a "pair of tens" who "should be banging models".

The court heard Hepburn was part of a WhatsApp group that kept a score of the women its members had slept with as part of a "conquest game".

The victim had initially believed she was having sex with Clarke, and only realised Hepburn's identity after 10 minutes.

The victim, who can not be identified, said she had her eyes closed and engaged in 20 minutes of sexual activity with Hepburn in a dimly lit bedroom, before realising who he was when he spoke.

But jurors did hear details of messages sent by Hepburn in the week of the night out which landed him in court - in which he apparently referred to threesomes involving Mr Clarke.

She previously told the court she woke up to find Hepburn performing a sex act on her.

"I am adjourning your case for the preparation of a pre-sentence report".

"The WCCC board and CEO were first made aware of the arrest and subsequent charge of Mr Hepburn on 10th November 2017; WCCC then took immediate and decisive action". But it would not be a kindness to you to leave you under any false impression as to the objective of that report. "There is only one sentence that can properly be handed down in this case, and a custodial sentence is inevitable".

Worcestershire chairman Fanos Hira said in a statement on the club's website that they were appalled by the details reported.

He bragged of at least 60 partners, and at one point said to Clark: "Got to understand that Hepperdawg is a horny c- and without you keeping my head straight just goes and does rogue things".

"I was confused. It was no different to a normal sexual encounter".