Cops arrive at Netanyahu's home for questioning in telecoms graft case

27 Mar 2018- 11:32:00

However, surveys also show that about half of Israelis believe the police over Netanyahu and think he should step down.

Israeli police arrived at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Jerusalem residence this morning to interrogate him over one of several graft cases that threaten to topple him, Israeli media said. Police were seen arriving to Netanyahu's residence Monday morning. News portal, pressured his CEO, Ilan Yeshua, to arrange positive coverage of Netanyahu on Walla! in exchange for the prime minister advancing regulations that would benefit Elovitch.

The Netanyahu couple has previously been probed in the case.

This is the ninth time Netanyahu has been questioned in various cases directly or indirectly concerning him.

Investigators will question Netanyahu's wife and son later in the same case. Two Netanyahu confidants, a former family spokesman and a former Communications Ministry director, have agreed to testify against the prime minister in exchange for immunity.

He maintains he is innocent and has denounced allegations against him as a media and police witch hunt.

On February 13, police recommended that Netanyahu be indicted in two cases, though the attorney-general has yet to decide whether to do so.

Netanyahu dismissed the investigations as "delusional, fabricated claims" that are part of an "orchestrated campaign" against him and vowed to "continue to lead the state of Israel responsibly, discreetly and with great dedication".

In the first investigation, known as Case 1000, he is suspected of bribery over gifts from wealthy businessmen, which police say were worth almost US$300,000.