Company offers $1K to use flip phone for a week

Company Offers $1K to ‘Brave Soul’ Willing to Use a Flip Phone for a Week

Frontier Bundles is offering $1,000 - and a swag bag - to the person who is willing to give up their Wi-Fi enabled smart phone for one week (meaning no tweeting, Facebooking or Snapchatting) and use only a flip phone.

You tell them, and the'll pay you $1,000 and give you a handy-dandy survival kit to keep you going. The crucial choices variety it sound extra like a job than a contest, as it lists the candidate's "responsibilities" and refers back to the prize cash as "compensation". If you're chosen, you'll have to use the flip phone for a week and log the experience. "They'll be organized, factor-oriented, and willing to persevere", the page reads.

Now, one company is trying to get people to switch back to those sleek, switchblade-emulating cellular devices, and they're putting their money where their mouth is.

So what happens if you're the chosen one?

As portion of the contest, chances are you'll per chance want to lend a hand tune of the quantity of time it takes to cease projects equivalent to texting and checking email. It also would now not insist any guidelines about staying far off from totally different gadgets, corresponding to pills or laptops, which may per chance perhaps render your complete experiment pointless.

Frontier is no longer the most racy company attempting to build our reliance on smartphones to the take a look at. The company now not too long ago unveiled a more moderen model that can also ship texts, however it serene would now not hurry apps.