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Colorado officer escorting Pence motorcade hurt in crash

Colorado officer escorting Pence motorcade hurt in crash

The Trump-Pence administration has taken several actions that stand to harm LGBT people, such as withdrawing Obama-era guidance for schools on equal treatment of transgender students and making it more hard to monitor whether companies doing business with the federal government engage in anti-LGBT discrimination - in addition to the many policies that will harm women and other "vulnerable populations".

A Colorado Springs motorcycle officer was seriously hurt Saturday morning after he was in a crash while escorting Vice President Mike Pence's motorcade.

The crash happened when the vice president was visiting Colorado Springs. "Millions of families like mine are indebted to your work".

"Life is winning in America again", he said.

Pence announced from the stage that Focus on the Family would be donating an ultrasound machine in his and his wife's name to the Life Center in Wabash, Indiana through its Option Ultrasound program.

The group was a prominent voice of religious conservatism for more than three decades, though leaders say they are focused more on personal outreach these days and not political activism.

Vice President Mike Pence is in Colorado Springs for his first trip back to Olympic City USA since the campaign trail last fall.

For many evangelicals, Pence represents a champion of their values in Washington.

Cheers erupted from the ministry as Pence mentioned President Donald Trump and Trump's support for Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family also offers marriage counseling and is staunchly opposed to homosexuality.

Diane Pasnow, former senior executive of Focus on the Family, thoroughly enjoyed Pence's speech. "He's a good person". He is making a number of stops while he's in town including spending lunch with soldiers and airmen at Shriever Air Force Base and a trip inside the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station. The groups believe "Focus on the Family is a hate group that advocates for the destruction and the deprivation of rights for gay people, trans people, women, etc.".

According to The Gazette, protesters greeted Pence in clothing similar to that of the Hulu television show, "The Handmaid's Tale", which depicts a society that treats women as property, to speak out on sexism in modern society.

FILE - In this Thursday, May 2, 1996, the main administration building at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, shown while Kerry Steven Dore held police at bay with four hostages for two hours.