Colin Kaepernick invited to personal meeting with Roger Goodell, report says

Colin Kaepernick invited to personal meeting with Roger Goodell, report says

The NFL, though, isn't interested in having a mediator present during any discussions between Kaepernick and Goodell.

According to Kaepernick's attorney, the free agent quarterback accepted the invitation to participate in the meeting.

Kaepernick's attorney in his collusion grievance, Mark Geragos, thereafter said that he responded immediately to the league that Kaepernick would be happy to attend.

A league source told ESPN's Adam Schefter last week that Goodell, Vincent and NFL senior vice president of player engagement Arthur McAfee will be deposed and asked to turn over all cellphone records and emails in relation to Kaepernick's collusion case against the NFL.

Not only have Kaepernick and Goodell not met one-on-one, but they can't even agree on the details of the invitation to do so.

Kaepernick's actions launched similar protests by hundreds of players who began standing against the country, the flag, and our first responders during the anthem, protests that have now plagued the league since last season. A mediator also would ensure that the discussions were productive and confidential and not used as a PR stunt or prop by the league.

"Mr. Geragos' statement alone violates the collective bargaining agreement", Lockhart said, "breaking the confidentiality of the grievance process. The question of, 'Has [Colin] been invited in?' the answer is yes", Lockhart added in a statement to Yahoo Sports.

"If he wants to talk to us, he's welcome to express that to us", Lockhart said.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said Tuesday during a conference call that the league doesn't feel the need to have a third party mediate discussions with the players on social issues. Lockhart said the National Football League would be open to that social activism dialogue in a one-on-one setting that allowed Goodell to speak directly to Kaepernick.

Lockhart seemed opposed to the idea of a mediator being present. It would make sense to have these communications occur in a process that has the layer of formality that the presence of a mediator would provide.

Members of Kaepernick's camp told Yahoo Sports on Tuesday that he's still open to meeting with Goodell privately.