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Colbert Interviews God, Mocks Trump's 'Divine Permission' To Fight North Korea


"I'm not saying what we have isn't special, but we're not exclusive", Colbert said to audience laughs.

"And, in response, North Korea warned they are ready to teach the USA a severe lesson with its nuclear strategic force", the Late Show host informed his non-news watching/reading viewers - adding that other countries were not being threatened.

However, according to an article in the Boston Globe, quoting an expert in the realm of presidential power, Trump has nearly "unchecked authority to order the use of conventional or nuclear weapons against North Korea".

Late-night TV host Stephen Colbert performed a mock interview with God on Wednesday to ridicule the idea of President Donald Trump's claiming religious authority to take out North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un.

Her comments come after the President of the USA promised "fire and fury like the world has never seen before".

Just kidding. Donald Trump met the dictator's warning word for word - threatening the Asian country with "fire, fury and (frankly) power".

In response, North Korea said it was considering a missile strike on the US territory of Guam. Or is the United States moving closer to all out war? "They're a USA territory". And I just started the "Handmaid's Tale.' You know Kim Jong-un is insane, right?"

"They will be met with the fire and fury like the world has never seen".

"Shh! Shut up! OK?"

"Indeed you know if you agree with me that the North Koreans are pursuing a nuclear capability to keep others away rather than to conduct an offensive attack out of the blue, then unless we provoke the North Koreans and do so in a way that allows for serious miscalculation then we're unlikely to be entering a conflict anytime soon". Chances are, he doesn't want to live in one.