Clippers' Austin Rivers tells fan to 'shut the f- up'

Jamal Crawford

NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Kiki Van De Weghe said Rivers had been fined for "directing inappropriate comments toward a fan".

Clippers combo guard Austin Rivers isn't having a good week. And toward the end of the fourth the quarter, a clearly ticked off Rivers allowed his frustration to boil over, as he got into a heated confrontation with some home fans. "He was talking sh** about the team, but he was cheering during the first half".

Many have wondered whether it's time for the Clippers to tank the season, and DeAndre Jordan is back in trade rumors as well. Rivers described the fan and his disloyal behavior with this statement.

"I don't like that".

"He was talking shit about the team, not even me".

Rivers led the short-handed Clips with 25 points, but it was the Utah Jazz who earned a 126-107 road victory.

While one can't necessarily blame Rivers for being frustrated at all that's gone on with the team, that doesn't excuse him from mouthing off to a fan in that way during a game. "We shook hands and said my bad". But, unfortunately, his outstanding performance may be overlooked by his antics on the court.