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Clinton, Sanders Would Beat Trump


The announcement comes as Sanders looks for a boost before the Super Tuesday contests, following his drubbing in South Carolina Saturday.

The South Trump appears poised to grab sizable delegate leads over his respective rivals in Alabama (where Rubio is polling second) and Tennessee (where Cruz is).

Ryan was the GOP vice presidential nominee in 2012.

A long list of Republican U.S. senators and House members has endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio in the presidential race, and a few House members have endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The billionaire business man held a whopping 33-point lead over his closest rival, Rubio, who has 16 percent support.

Sanders, who is keen to challenge the growing narrative that the former secretary of state is now on track to win the nomination, hopes to halt the Clinton tide in Minnesota, Colorado and Oklahoma and will likely pocket Vermont. With 155 delegates, Texas is the biggest prize of any contest on Super Tuesday.

As for Clinton, she should easily win in the state that launched her and her husband's political careers. More specifically, as outlined above, a candidate can walk away with Super Tuesday with a good sense of how they are doing in the race.

But Trump said Tuesday that Rubio should drop out of the race if he doesn't win any of the Super Tuesday contests.

"Republicans want to sell the same snake oil, they want to go back to trickle-down economics", Clinton said during a rally Monday at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. "That's a concern of mine". And Trump ran into trouble when he failed to disavow the KKK and white supremacist David Duke to CNN's Jake Tapper. Trump blamed a malfunctioning earpiece for the oversight but his rivals pounced.

"The core principles of the Republican Party have not been clear", he said. The Upshot blog in The New York Times predicted this could be a surprisingly strong state for Rubio, where lower turnout is expected and more moderate voters could be the ones to show up. Bill Clinton's former home of Oxford is one of five cities around the United Kingdom, and 100 worldwide, where American expats who are registered as Democrats can vote in primaries (and where Bernie Sanders's brother Larry will vote on Super Tuesday). Failure to convert a win on home ground would effectively end his campaign. The big state to watch is Texas, which has 222 delegates. Though the share of leaned Republicans choosing Clinton on any of the tested issues tops out at 8 percent on health care, Trump is the most trusted for 15 percent of leaned Democrats on terrorism, 14 percent on the economy and 13 percent on immigration.

"I think a lot about the future". "If Trump continues winning, disappointed party elites will need to reconcile with supporting the party nominee".

"We can win this nomination", said Sanders.

I'm as frustrated and saddened as you are about what's happening to our country. "And I will never give up the fight". Sanders is at a disadvantage in that two-thirds of those delegates are in the southern states in which Clinton has at least a 20-point lead.

John Kasich already announced he would hold three events Wednesday in MI: a morning event in Ann Arbor, a town hall in Genesee County and a 6 p.m. rally at the Ukrainian cultural Center in Warren.

"Tomorrow there will be 700 delegates up for deciding".

Speaking to journalists in Minneapolis Tuesday, Clinton declined to make any predictions, saying only that it was up to the voters to decide.

He said analysts have been blindsided by Trump's durability.

But "if you're a young African American and you're somehow immersed in a more traditional civil rights network, including a black church, where there's more talk about her, you're more likely to be mobilized around the Hillary Clinton campaign", Cohen said.