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Climate strike poll: Do parents support the kids skipping school today?

Climate strike poll: Do parents support the kids skipping school today?

ME students are taking part in a global student strike Friday over a lack of action on climate change, following the lead of a 16-year-old Swedish girl who skipped school for three weeks to protest in front of Sweden's parliament building.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg poses during a demonstration of youth calling for climate protection on March 1 in Hamburg, Germany. They need to know this so that they will actually do things.

She said: "For my birthday I asked everyone to come here today, we won't have a future if we don't act now". "We aren't very good at lying and we don't participate in the social games that the rest of you are so fond of".

"We are striking because marginalized communities across our nation - especially communities of color, disabled communities, and low- income communities are already disproportionately impacted by climate change". It is exciting to realize that there are a large number of kids who also want to see progress, and that we could potentially (finally!) have some real action against climate change.

As she prepared to march through central Wellington to parliament, O'Regan said she was concerned that by the time she was raising a family the planet would be close to unlivable. "With our futures at stake, we call for radical legislative action to combat climate change and its countless detrimental effects on the American people". We walked out of school and helped with the March for Our Lives: Boston. Numerous the young people who joined for the rally were meeting for the first time. I am so, so, so grateful for what you are doing, I can't put it into words.

The Swedish teenager - who on her Twitter page describes herself as "a 16-year-old climate activist with Asperger [syndrome]" - first staged a school strike for the climate in front of the Swedish parliament in August last year.

Climate strike poll: Do parents support the kids skipping school today?

In Hong Kong, activists dressed up as polar bears and sharks to highlight the damage done to the environment by climate change.

"Sea levels are rising and Bangladesh is one of the countries where climate change is really happening", says Mahmud.

"If you think that we should be in school (rather than out on the streets protesting) then we suggest that you should take our place in the streets, striking from your work, or better yet join us so we can speed up the process". "Why study for a future, which may not be there?" the #FridaysForFuture website reads. But even after the elections were over, her protests continued.

"We need to cause an uproar", said Maya Sprenger-Otto, an organizer and student at Washburn High School in Minneapolis, addressing a crowd of several hundred teens on the Capitol steps.

"I have a younger sister in junior high, and my mom has organized to bring my sister and a couple of her classmates down to the clock tower", says organizer Ivan Andreou.