Climate of change - School strike for the climate

Climate of change - School strike for the climate

"We are calling on all students to join us to take action on our future!"

THOUSANDS of young climate-change activists in at least 71 countries will skip school on Friday, March 15 in what may be one of the largest environmental protests in history. "Climate change is already happening".

Activists in the USA are making similar demands that are found in Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal: a swift transition to 100 percent renewable energy, a complete abolition of fossil fuels and other environmental mandates.

High school student Kate Anchondo, 17 (left), shares her motivations for organising the March 15 school strike in San Diego, while Citizens Climate Lobby representative Sara Wanous, 23 (centre), highlights the importance of young people through anecdotes.

In an open letter, youth activists behind the climate protests told decision-makers they are "going to change the fate of humanity, whether you like it or not".

I have been working with the Climate Leaders program to endorse the candidates that place a strong emphasis on climate change such as Oliver Yates of Kooyong and Zali Steggall of Warringah.

Misky Noor, another BHS junior, expressed her disapproval of current politics surrounding climate change.

The Skibbereen Community College student has led weekly protests outside of Cork City Hall since the start of 2019 to protest about Government inaction to tackle climate change.

"We are the last generation to have a realistic chance to prevent a climate catastrophe", said Global Strike for the Future spokesperson Linus Steinmetz.

"On climate change, we have to acknowledge that we have failed", Greta, an invited speaker, told the global ruling class in Davos in January. We miss school not because we want to, but because we have no other alternative to have our voices heard by our government.

Over 1560 researchers, academics and educators have signed an open letter supporting the school strike.

Saoi O'Connor (16), one of the country's most forthright student strikers, said that the movement could not accept the Taoiseach's support until he backs up his rhetoric with concrete action.

"The idea of this protest is that we have to act now".

Kids in the United States want a radical transformation of the economy.

Hirsi, who lists on Twitter page that she is the head of the Minnesota High School Democrats and several other left-wing youth-based organizations, said in a recent interview with Grist that she is looking to "change the conversation" on issues such as the Green New Deal by organizing the strike.

Her protests have inspired thousands of young people around the world.

"What we do now needs to last to 2050 and beyond".