Cleveland Police Release Tipline Ahead of RNC

Cleveland Police Release Tipline Ahead of RNC

Cleveland police on Friday tightened their security plan for the Republican National Convention after the deadly shootings of police officers in Dallas, increasing surveillance and intelligence operations just 10 days before the convention.

"That's why the convention is going to be very important. I think you could very well produce a good nominee and actually be an exciting convention with some consensus by the end of it on a nominee", Kristol said.

Loomis, the union leader, said half of Cleveland police officers have yet to receive convention training. Here's a look at what you can expect at this year's convention.

Gimmicks under consideration include "Care packages for folks who will be sick after Trump / Cruz nomination - with single serve Advil, AlkaSeltzer, Pepto Bismol, Vitamin C", and "Clothespins so delegates can hold their nose voting for Trump/Cruz".

"If your efforts succeed, a GOP nominee - a nominee of the GOP that is not named Donald Trump - would have a better chance of defeating Hillary Clinton than an independent candidate would or a candidate coming from the Libertarian Party", French said.

The Republican National Committee is working closely, "often by the hour", with the Trump campaign, according to officials with the RNC at a June 28 press conference on the conversion of Quicken Loans Arena for the event, set for July 18-21. "It's unfair to think we can make a change when he achieved the winning number of delegates fair and square".

Both are committed to Trump, and each said they would oppose any change in the convention rules that would unbind delegates and allow them to support another candidate for president.

With Trump's connections in the entertainment, business and beauty pageant industries, his campaign has the "opportunity to package the convention differently than we have ever done before" to reflect his unique candidacy, Hathaway said.

"When all of our delegates got elected at the state convention, and we had that meeting that night in Pasco, I explained to everybody, they may get hit with pepper spray; they may get hit with tear gas", she explained.

Matt Parrott, a spokesman for the Traditionalist Workers Party, told McClatchy that about 30 members of his group are going to help defend Trump supporters from "leftist thugs".

"They thought they could steal this nomination after 14 million people cast votes for Donald Trump - and there would be an uproar in society".

POLITICO reported that while Uber has locked in an official deal to be the Democratic National Convention's official transportation partner next month in Philadelphia, the same hasn't been made for the RNC in Cleveland.