Chinese investigate the incredible popping iPhone 8

Mobile								Image Source Zach Epstein BGR

A fresh case of Apple Inc's new iPhone popping open due to a swollen battery has been reported in state media in China, the world's biggest smartphone market where the us firm is seeking to revive faltering sales. Apple is now investigating several reports of problems surrounding the charging of the iPhone 8 Plus. Other iPhone 8 Plus owners have complained about receiving their brand new phone in the same condition.

For the past few weeks, about six photos and videos of swollen iPhone 8 and 8 Plus phones - some of which were split in the backside and exposed internal parts - have been shared widely on social media. Whether this is due to a manufacturer it defect or an overheating/overcharging issue, remains to be decided, as Apple it not making any further comments at this time. There were no signs of a fire or an explosion. Soon after the launch, a user from Taiwan claimed that her iPhone 8 Plus split open while it was charging. Apple says that issue will be corrected in a future update, but at this point, they could already be headed down the same road as Samsung.

It must be noted here that Apple's iPhone 8 Plus is just cracking open and there are no incidents of this phone catching fire and tearing open with an impact.

These issues have shown up in phones in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Greece and Canada according to a roundup by The Guardian. Apple needs the iPhone 8 to do well in China to make up for the fact that sales on its cash cow are dying. The stock had been up five out of the last eight trading days before reports over a battery issue resurfaced.

Jaffe suspects Apple's executives are "in crisis mode" over the potential damage that battery issues could lead to.

Shares in Apple edged down 0.2% to 155 on the stock market today.

However, it is largely believed that the core Apple fans are anxiously waiting for the iPhone X, which will be out next month.