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Child killed when football team’s bus crashes in Arkansas

Child killed when football team’s bus crashes in Arkansas

Troopers say a charter bus traveling from Texas to Memphis, Tennessee left the roadway and overturned.

It does not appear that weather played a role in the crash, Sadler said.

Hailey said there were seat belts on the bus, but he didn't know how many people were wearing them.

Little Rock-based Arkansas Children's Hospital, which is approximately 25 miles from the site of the crash, received 25 injured children, all of whom are now listed as stable.

Investigators told WHBQ that the driver lost control of the bus, causing it to flip and roll off the interstate.

The football team was from the Orange Mound Youth Association in Tennessee and had played in a tournament in Dallas over the weekend, according to Memphis TV station WMC.

A speeding bus filled with school children crashed in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in November 2016, leaving six students dead. The community comes together around its youth football teams, where kids train to be part of the highly competitive Melrose High School squad. The heavily damaged bus came to a rest after tumbling down a steep embankment next to the crook of a sharp bend on an off-ramp. The bus driver has been questioned by police.

Two patients underwent emergency operations, said Chanda Chacon, the hospital's chief operating officer.

Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock said it received 24 patients following the morning crash. They were treated for bruising, lacerations and some orthopedic injuries then released. By the time first responders arrived numerous players -who were between the ages of eight and 13 years old - and their chaperones were already off the bus, state police spokesman Bill Sadler stated.

One resident, Carlos Morgan, told The Associated Press that the youth football program is vital in a neighborhood where youths can so easily be lured into drugs and crime.