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' Chemical weapon ' was detected in Kim Jong-Nam's murder

' Chemical weapon ' was detected in Kim Jong-Nam's murder

At a court hearing yesterday, government chemist Raja Subramaniam said tests detected a chemical called VX or VX acid on Siti Aisyah's sleeveless shirt and on the T-shirt Vietnamese suspect Doan Thi Huong was wearing.

"Kim's cholinesterase level was 344 and that is low... meanwhile, the reading of the enzyme in the samples taken from Siti Aisyah and Doan was normal", she said in reply to the prosecutor.

"There's a clarity of goal in what Kim Jong Un has done", Lee said, per U.S. News & World Report.

The half-brother of North Korea's leader suffered extensive organ damage after being attacked with a nerve agent, a pathologist said on Tuesday, as more chilling details emerged at the trial of his alleged killers. Traces of the poison were also found on clippings of Doan's fingernails, he said.

A Malaysian judge and court officials wore face masks and surgical gloves in court Wednesday as samples were admitted as evidence of where VX nerve agent was found on the body and clothing of the murdered half brother of North Korea's leader.

"The presence of VX precursors and VX degradation products confirms the presence of VX itself", he said.

Jong Nam, the eldest son of former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, arrived in Malaysia on Feb 6, and was at the klia2 to board a 9am flight to Macau on the day he was killed.

Carter noted he has spent many hours over the last two decades in discussions with top North Korean officials and private citizens during visits to Pyongyang and to the countryside.

"(The North Koreans) know exactly how the situation developed in Iraq", Putin told the economic forum, saying Washington had used the false pretext that Baghdad had weapons of mass destruction to destroy the country and its leadership.

"'VX' can also result in excessive sweating and cause the pupils of the eyes to become small", she said, adding that this was due to the contraction of the muscles which control the pupils".

Raja said VX will degrade when it reacts with water, leaving the detectable by-products, and a person can fully decontaminate their hands by washing and scrubbing within 15 minutes.

The AP reached out to the Western companies involved, and each one agreed they would not tolerate modern day slavery and the potential support of Kim Jong Un's oppressive regime in their supply chains.

To which Kim responded: "Sound dialogue is not possible with such a guy bereft of reason".

"It is the deadliest nerve agent created".

But it is believed to be part of North Korea's chemical weapons arsenal.

Both lawyers have been hired by the respective government's of the accused: Gooi Soon Seng, by the Indonesian embassy and Hisyam Teh Poh Teik by the Vietnamese.

"There's a clarity of objective in what Kim Jong-un has done", said Yong Suk Lee, deputy assistant director of the CIA's Korea Mission Centre, at an agency conference in George Washington University on Wednesday.

The Frontline film assumes that this was the work of the North Korean intelligence assets at the behest of Kim Jong-Un, who already held full power in Pyongyang.