Chaos marks start of Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearing


All this was punctuated by noisy protesters shouting and screaming and being dragged from the hearing room one by one.

Kavanaugh, a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, supported a petition from the broadband industry for the full court to rehear the case that upheld the FCC's right to impose utility-style regulations on internet services.

If approved, he would be expected to tilt the court's balance to the right.

Mike Lee, R-Utah, during the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018, in Washington.

What were the protests about?

But demonstrations continued inside the US Senate building where Kavanaugh was being quizzed on Wednesday, with occasional outbursts from protesters, such as: "Sham president, sham justice!" and "No Trump puppet!"

Claiming credit were groups called Demand Justice as well as the Women's March. Another cried: "Our democracy is broken!"

"This is the first confirmation for a Supreme Court justice I've seen, basically, according to mob rule", Republican Senator John Cornyn said.

Democrats raised objections from the moment Iowa Sen.

Protesters were removed from Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing for a second day on Wednesday as Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley accused Democrats of coordinating with protesters to disrupt the hearings. Reportedly, the documents "would be covered by presidential privilege".

When Klobuchar pushed him on why the White House touted his record of overturning agency decisions 75 times, he said there was no pattern of being "pro this or pro that".

Democrats have been fiercely critical of the Trump administration for not providing sufficient documentation about Kavanaugh's time in Bush's White House, where he may have played key roles in terrorism-related decisions such as permitting the torture of detainees.

"The Constitution itself seems to dictate, in addition, that congressional investigation must take place in lieu of criminal investigation when the President is the subject of investigation, and that criminal prosecution can occur only after the President has left office", he wrote in the Georgetown Law Review.

"As a general proposition, I understand the importance of the precedent set forth in Roe V. Wade", Kavanaugh replied, reciting the precedents established in Roe as well is in Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch bluntly asked Kavanaugh what loyalty he owes Trump.

US President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee has declined to say whether he thinks sitting presidents can be made to comply with a legal subpoena.

Why is the nomination contentious?

A spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) did not respond to a request for comment on Democrats taking this more aggressive approach. Kennedy retired at the end of July.

Republicans hold a one-vote Senate majority.

"Semi-automatic rifles are widely possessed in the United States", Kavanaugh said. There were no signs of Republican defections. Kavanaugh said he was unable provide give a response. But they will likely become a rallying cry for both parties just two months before the midterm elections. The court begins its next term in October. The second day of hearings on Wednesday was marked by the same sort of shout-and-arrest pattern.

In Supreme Court confirmation hearings, the nominee is usually the one on the hot seat.

A resident of the wealthy Washington suburb of Chevy Chase, Mr Kavanaugh studied law at Yale.

Kavanaugh later contributed to prosecutor Kenneth Starr's report into Clinton's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and which outlined several grounds for Clinton's impeachment.