Channing Tatum goes all Magic Mike in a North Carolina convenience store

Actor Channing Tatum throws up a two while talking about the Triad during a promotional movie stop

He was spotted on Tuesday in Greensboro and Statesville, where he made a stop of a local convenient store and spent time hanging out with store attendant, Beatrice.

As of Wednesday night, the video on Tatum's Facebook page had over 10 million views and almost 80,000 shares. When a customer walks in, Tatum says he's just hanging out and jokes that he's the manager. As of Wednesday afternoon, the video had almost 9 million views, 353,000 likes and 65,000 shares.

While in North Carolina, Tatum also visited Charlotte Motor Speedway, where parts of Logan Lucky were filmed.

When the actor explained that he was driving cross country to promote his new NASCAR-themed movie, Beatrice quipped, "I could have got my clothes together and come with you!"

After a little more banter, the two broke into a dance, and Tatum wasn't shy about pulling a few Magic Mike moves.

"A lot of fantastic stuff happens here", Branch said.

After finding what he's looking for, the video shows Tatum interacting with the station's employee.