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Change your clocks; check your smoke detector batteries

Red Cross urges residents to test smoke alarms

If you hear a chirping noise it is likely a warning of a low battery.

"We haven't had to use that fire place in a long time", said Public Education Officer for the Davenport Fire Prevention Bureau, Zach Soliz.

Replace smoke alarms after 10 years from the manufacturer's date. The smoke and toxic gases generated by a fire can cause people to sleep more deeply which narrows the likelihood of surviving a fire.

ยท Replace the smoke alarm immediately if it doesn't respond properly when tested.

In 2016, Matthews said, the PFD installed over 500 smoke alarms in over 100 homes.

All too often, a battery is removed and not replaced, putting a home's occupants at risk.

- Choose alarms that bear the label of a recognized testing laboratory. "That's the cost of a carbon monoxide alarm".

Carbon monoxide alarms are also critically important safety equipment in the home. You can not see or smell carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide alarms must be installed outside all sleeping areas if your home has a fuel-burning appliance. "Smoke alarms last about 10 years and older carbon monoxide alarms last 5-7 years", said the Marshal.

Test all of your alarms on the first day of every month to make sure they are still working!

The state agency says new construction materials and open floor plans mean residents have as little as two minutes to safely escape from a home from the time the smoke alarm goes off.

Make sure everyone knows how to get out and where to meet.

Gould also suggests reviewing family fire response plans and looking at other fire safety issues as part of response planning.