CES 2018: The smarter, sharper tech coming your way

A drone flies near a tent at the International Consumer
Electronics Show on Wednesday Jan. 8 2014 in Las Vegas

The key themes already emerging are smart home, augmented and virtual reality, self-driving cars, eSports, smart cities, and startups from all areas of technology.

South Korean industry leaders are absent for the second year in a row on the keynote schedule of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's biggest IT fair, having been replaced by fast-rising Chinese counterparts. The technology show is covering 2.7 million square feet in Las Vegas and is scheduled to run until Friday.

But in addition to technology that might end up in your home, the show is also expected to host downright unusual devices, from a Harry Potter-style automated chess board to a one-person electric vehicle. Here you'll find many worldwide exhibitors as well as innovations in audio, drones, gaming, augmented and virtual reality, vehicle technology, video, wireless devices, wireless services, and digital imaging/photography.

Set to run January 9-12, CES 2018 yesterday provided a sneak preview of some of this year's "Best of Innovation" award winners at the Unveiled Las Vegas media event.

"We lucked out", he said. "This is a global issue - not just within the technology sector - all industries and our society at large can and must do better".

TV maker LG's OLED Canyon display demo, with 246 OLED panels and more than 30 high-definition generators, took almost an hour to get back in full operation. The Samsung Galaxy X could be the first smartphone to feature a truly bendable touchscreen - technology Samsung previewed at a previous Consumer Electronics Show.

Fellow South Korean tech giant Samsung was rumoured to be ready to fire back with a 150-inch television using new "Micro LED" technology, however, that could replace its current QLED television range and challenge OLED technology.

One of the biggest battles at CES 2018 is set to be between Amazon and Google with both wanting to own the voice activation market.

One of the stars of the show is this little robot. It can also be integrated with other smart devices in the home, such as smart hair dryers.