Celine Dion posts heartfelt tribute to the late Jerry Lewis

Slapstick comic Jerry Lewis has died at the age of 91

Jerry Lewis, whose irrepressible zaniness and frantic creativity vaulted him to stardom as a comic movie star who wielded unparalleled green-light power at Paramount in the 1960s, died Sunday.

Lewis was 91 years old.

Jerry Lewis was a terrific entertainer. News of his passing was confirmed by his publicist.

He was born on March 16, 1926 in Newark, N.J.

When it was all said and done, Lewis raised billions for his cause and became synonymous with celebrities who really make a difference in this world.

He partnered with Dean Martin as a comedy duo in the 1940s and 1950s.

Following this film, Lewis and Martin worked together on another 13 movies.

And social media's social justice warriors are offended, as usual, because more attention has been paid to Lewis, who was white, than Gregory, who was black. In fact, for as good as his early material was, his performance as talk show host Jerry Langford in the 1983 dark comedy "The King of Comedy" alongside Robert Deniro and Sandra Bernhard remains one of my all time favorite examples of Lewis's work. Our thoughts are with his family today as we remember the extraordinary life of one of our greatest entertainers and humanitarians. "Thank you Jerry, for all that you did, for so many!"

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