Celebrate 'Equal Pay Day', reduce Gender Pay Gap

Celebrate 'Equal Pay Day', reduce Gender Pay Gap

"The pay gap is widest for older women as it grows over our working lives".

On the other hand, UK's leader of the Women's Equality Party Sophie Walker described the importance of equal pay and said that the gender pay gap usually triggers sexual harassment, including scandals in the entertainment industry as well as in politics.

"With the state pension slipping further from reach it is vital that auto enrolment works equally for both women and men and removing the auto enrolment trigger and earnings bands is imperative to ensure that this discrimination does not become embedded in our pension system".

The Fawcett Society, which pioneered the concept of "equal pay day" to draw attention to the gender pay gap, said that if the gap continued to close at the rate it has during the past five years, it would not reach zero until 2117.

"We're not expecting all types of employment tribunal claims to shoot back up to pre-2013 levels immediately, following the Supreme Court decision", comments Head of Underwriting & Marketing, David Haynes "But the publicity that these claims are getting at the moment is going to raise the question of equal pay in a lot of people's minds".

The Fawcett Society, which campaigns for women's rights, issued the warning as it dubbed Friday Equal Pay Day - saying it marked the time in the calendar year when women start to work for free due to their pay lag on male earnings.

While the mean pay gap for full-time employees has remained static, the median gap decreased to 9.1 per cent in 2017 from 9.4 per cent the previous year, according to ONS data. While Wales (8.3%) and Scotland (11.1%) fall below the United Kingdom average, London has the largest gap at 20.7%.

New figures released today show that the gender pay gap is actually worsening for women in their twenties for the first time in 6 years, meaning that some women are starting their careers worse off than their male colleagues. The Debrief has previously reported that the pay gap for younger women was in decline but these figures show this is no longer the case. But while it is falling in London and the South East, by over 3% points since 2011, it has risen in the North East by 1.5%.

Now has created a PR stunt that aims to drive conversation around the Gender Pay Gap and the work that the Women's Equality Party is doing to help make the need for an annual "Equal Pay Day" redundant.

"For the lowest paid we need to see the Real Living Wage adopted as the minimum wage in all our workplaces".

In terms of what the government is doing about this, Minister of State for Women Anne Milton told The Debrief "Despite the Equal Pay Act being passed almost 50 years ago, too many women are still held back in their careers".

Where Is This "Pay Gap"?

"Monitoring your gender pay gap may seem like another piece of hard or even unnecessary bureaucracy", sums up Haynes, "but it shouldn't be too hard an exercise to carry out".

Correct - If there are pay discrepancies that can not be objectively justified, then they must be corrected and the causes addressed to avoid a gap reopening. There are no excuses, employers now need to get on with the job of publishing their pay gap and pledge to improve workplace equality'.