Celeb Big Brother double eviction sees Brandi Glanville and Paul Danan evicted!

Louise Thompson sexy

Anyway, amidst all this kerfuffle, CBB fans have become somewhat obsessed with Sarah's hair for she's sporting a look that some have described as a '90s style.

"Listen to me, I've been in this business 15 years and you're just starting out".

Asked what she made of the star's comments, band member Dinah Jane pulled a Mariah, telling The Sun: "I don't know who she is".

Sarah then claims she's been "persecuted for most of her career", before accusing Chad of "taking her for granted".

"You're getting f**king defensive and it's out of order when all I'm trying to do is look out for you". I do love you.

After Chad admitted that it just be hard to just "share" a bed with Sarah, she began to stroke his crotch and whispered "can you feel that?"

Sam Thompson on Big Brother
C5/WENN ANNOYED Sam missed out the chance to speak to Louise on CBB

"Derek. You can kind of see the weight in the trousers and the outline in that leotard did him some favours", she responded. TMI.

Chad then replied: "Yes that there".

'I could've done without seeing Sarah rubbing Chad's d***,' one wrote on Twitter, whilst another said: 'Some things U REALLY don't wanna C on #CBB Can someone pop Sarah Harding a note thru that there are actually cameras in there! "But I do love you".

Over the weekend, the two raised eyebrows with their under-the-duvet action, despite her previous insistence that she wanted to take things slowly with the former "Bachelorette" star.

The rumours suggest that after the double eviction on Tuesday, Wednesday could see one of remaining seven contestants will be kicked out from the house to leave the final six to fight for the Celebrity Big Brother crown.

Chloe and Stevi first met while sharing a house together, during the 2014 series of "The X Factor".