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CBB 2018: Housemates get stuck into first shopping task

CBB 2018: Housemates get stuck into first shopping task

Sandra was heard saying "well done" to India as they hugged.

"I'd never had them before", India insisted.

"She also admitted "loving" her 10 days in the house, living with 15 other people.

That's the second time I've seen it" before Maggie went on: 'No, I daren't'. "It was just one of those things; I didn't see that it was Ann's bed". "Even I got bored of it".

She continued: "It was like a hurdle race".

The ballet dancer had just got out of the shower when he made a decision to drop his towel in front of India Willoughby, Amanda Barrie and Maggie Oliver.

"She's alright with me because we've had a talk", said the drag artist, who is polled as the favourite to win the series.

In the first of tonight's two shows, viewers saw India predict that she would be the first to leave - confessing she "got it wrong" with her "early outbursts".

The pair were put up for eviction during live, face to face nominations on Tuesday.

In the diary room of the house, India, 52, told Big Brother: "My psychic vibe is that I'm climbing those stairs and will be waving goodbye to my housemates".

I think I irritate the whole house and it's becoming a little bit embarrassing.
And I don't like that because I'm not an embarrassment on the outside, honestly. But legally I do have to say, Tom Reed Wilson everyone!' "Did I give my best show? No".

Those scars apparently mean her dream was real.

"No-one wants to be the first to go".

Amanda then joked: "That's the second time I've seen it, that's the second time I've witnessed it".

The transgender star spoke frequently about her status in the house and frustrated housemates who wanted to get to know her beyond that, and now she realises she's done herself an injustice.

India was evicted to cheers, despite being the first out and attracting a lot of controversy.

India is Britain's first transgender newsreader.

Courtney explained how she "straddles the genders".

India believes it was the work of "Martians".