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Canadian landscaper charged with eighth murder

Bruce McArthur

Police in Toronto, Canada, have charged alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur with an eighth count of first-degree murder after identifying another set of remains.

Kanagaratnam was 37 years old and living in Scarborough at the time of his death, Idsinga said.

"He doesn't quite fit the profile that we've seen before", Idsinga said.

The Canadian police have identified the remains of a Sri Lankan man they believe is a possible victim of suspected serial killer Bruce McArthur.

"The identification was confirmed with the assistance from an worldwide government agency", said Idsinga, though he would not provide further details. "Whoever comes over as a refugee - we just expect to save our lives and he has lost his life and that's what I can say".

Det. Sgt. Hank Idsinga said at the time that releasing the photo was a "last resort" to identify the man. It has never been revealed how police obtained this picture or who might have taken it. Within days, they announced they had made an ID.

January 18, 2018 _ McArthur is arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Esen and Kinsman.

Kanagratnam is the second alleged victim of McArthur's who was an immigrant from Sri Lanka.

Abdulbasir â€Basir” Faizi, 44, has been missing since December 29, 2010.

The remains of seven others have also been found in large planters at the home.

"We have lots of searches left to do as the weather gets warmer", Idsinga said.

Those cold cases fit the general profile of the first seven alleged victims, Idsinga said, but acknowledged that police will be casting a "wide open net".

February 13, 2018 _ Police say excavation at the home's backyard turned up no human remains, but suggest they may "revisit the scene" when the weather warms up.

August 2015 _ Soroush Mahmudi, 50, of Toronto, is reported missing.

The disappearances and killings linked to McArthur appear to center around Toronto's Gay Village neighborhood.

He has no immediate family in Canada and was never reported as missing. After receiving assistance from an unnamed worldwide government agency, Idsinga said police were able to identify the victim.

Esen, 44, of Toronto, vanished from the city's gay village on April 14, 2017.