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Canada invests $300 million in fund supporting women's equality

Rosalie Fish's success at the Washington State Class 1B track meet took a backseat to the message she helped spread

It also included a separate 46-page report that outlined how the commission concluded that the disappearance and murder of thousands of women and girls is indeed genocide.

"All governments must resolve issues of poverty, inadequate and substandard housing, and lack of financial support for families, and increase food security to ensure that Indigenous families can succeed", the report says.

But the reaction was skeptical on many fronts.

The federal government will leave the discussion of the use of the term "genocide" to academics and experts, said Justice Minister David Lametti.

The inquiry says the definition is met, and uses the term throughout its report.

"This report is about these attractive Indigenous people and the systemic factors that lead to their losses of dignity, humanity and, in too many cases, losses of life", Ms.

"We need to address the "Canadian Genocide" - it's the worst form of discrimination that has continued over hundreds of years and into today with the blatant sexism and racism that is rampant in this country", Wilson said in a news release.

Ms Audette added that she was disappointed Mr Trudeau did not use the word "genocide", and said: "I was hoping he would have that courage". "However, as for tangible actions and results, I think that might be further out than we would like", said Thomas.

The report contains a number of calls to multiple levels of government and institutions, including that health-service providers develop programs that could help young people recognize the signs of being targeted for exploitation. He should provide funding for prevention programs to counter violence against Indigenous women and girls, and recognize Indigenous languages by reinstating the Indigenous Culture Fund which provided cultural development, including language education.

Michèle Audette, one of the commissioners of the inquiry, said they heard from women and family members that the justice system does not work for indigenous people.

The United Nations defines genocide as acts committed with intent to destroy ethnic, racial or religious groups. Now a national inquiry there is calling it genocide, the CBC reports.

"What the survivors told us about what they want to see in the report is calls to action in addressing the child welfare system and the prevention of apprehending children", she said.

Perhaps other countries will follow suit and match Canada's investment, which would be an incredible thing for women's rights around the world. "Hold government to account and decolonise yourself by learning about indigenous people and the true history of Canada".

But it does not appear Canada's government is going to adopt that legal opinion any time soon.

Health advocates say a so-called global gag rule that bans USA -funded groups around the world from discussing abortion has led to unwanted pregnancies and deadly and unsafe abortions since it came into effect two years ago.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau leave the ceremonies marking the release of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women report carrying a copy of the report in Gatineau, Que., on Monday June 3, 2019.