Call of Duty: WWII has Surpassed $500 Million During Opening Weekend

Gamers play the video game 'Call of Duty WWII' developed by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision during the 'Paris Games Week'

Twice as many copies of WWII were sold at launch compared to a year ago, which featured Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered.

Despite breaking records left and right, Call of Duty WW2 is not the fastest-selling Call of Duty game of all-time, falling just short of Black Ops III's $550 million in its first three days. Players will enlist in the conflict by selecting from five iconic World War II Divisions, in a fundamentally new way to invest in your multiplayer career.

The figure is sell-through to customers, not shipped, which is sold retail. Overall unit sales at launch doubled year-over-year globally.

Anyway, back to the press release - COD: WW2 earned half a billion dollars in sales, Activision boasted, which is apparently more money than Thor: Ragnarok and Wonder Woman's openings combined.

Activision stated that Call of Duty: WW2 has set a new record, becoming the "best-selling digital full game by units sold on its first day of availability" on PS4.

Have you picked up Call of Duty: WWII yet?

Moreover, the game has successfully achieved the "highest total connected users on current generation consoles and PC".

It looks like Call of Duty's return to form has struck a chord with the popular shooter's wavering audience.

Ever since Call of Duty: WWII was announced people have been incredibly excited for the series to go back to its World War 2 roots. For example, the game's loot box system has now been reworked so that players can open the crates in public.

Call of Duty: WWII was one of the most highly-anticipated games heading into its launch on November 3-and the numbers from WWII's opening weekend support this claim.