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Brrrr! Arctic blast brings record-breaking temps to NJ

Record lows could fall in the Northeast on Nov. 11 2017

Arctic air is in place today and for most of Saturday.

The temps were expected to plunge to 22 degrees early Saturday morning, which would shatter the mark for the record-low for November 11 of 28 degrees set in 1933.

Things will warm up slightly for this weekend's sunny Sunday, with highs reaching into the mid- to upper-40s. Sunday was expected to be more seasonal, with high close to 50 degrees. It also dropped to 21 degrees at Atlantic City International Airport, breaking the daily record low for that climate site, said Sarah Johnson, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly.

It only gets chillier from there.

On Friday, the arctic blast brought freezing mark early Friday evening with temperatures dropping to 26 degrees in Central Park, shattering a 103-year-old record of 27 degrees.

There will be some relief Saturday as the sun comes out, winds settle down and temperatures nudge into the upper 30s, Storm Team 4 says, but wind-chills could still be in the 20s until the afternoon. And those warmer temperatures are forecast to continue through the rest of the week. Clouds that move in Sunday will stick around Monday and Tuesday as temperatures stay in the low 50s.

Also expected are scattered snow showers and narrow bands of lake-effect snow southeast of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario into this morning, weather service forecasters said.