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Brookes: Iran's moves in Syria threaten region

UN officials Church leaders decry escalating situation in Syria

Without the USA confronting Iran directly, Goldberg wrote, "America will keep sleepwalking into an era of Iranian hegemony in the Middle East".

An Israeli fighter jet was downed by anti-aircraft fire this weekend in Syria. Iran's military chief warned Israel last October against breaching Syrian airspace and territory.

One of the most confounding - and unsafe - aspects of the six-year-conflict in Syria is that its roster of combatants continues to broaden.

Combustible elements to ignite an Israeli-Iranian war are now in place in Syria. They want to build naval and air bases in Syria and strengthen Hezbollah.

"God willing they will see more surprises whenever they try to attack Syria".

Israeli forces then launched a second wave of attacks. President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation immediately spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to stop events spiraling out of control. But he argues that Israel alone can not stop Iran. And I would like to paraphrase the well-known saying: "'This is not the time to bark, this is the time to bite'". Iran is aware that its ally requires increased military aid if Hezbollah is to become a formidable counter-force to Israel's dominance in the region. From the Israeli point of view the question is not whether there will be a next round, but when it will arise.

Most of these interventions also defied earlier calculations by those countries involved.

In January, a US -led coalition unveiled a plan to set up a new border force of 30,000 Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria, raising alarms in the region that the White House may be helping to cement an autonomous Kurdish enclave that could further divide the country. In addition, there are roughly a few hundred Iranian experts from the Revolutionary Guards and Quds forces. Again, "Why does the media feel obliged to present the Israeli aggression as being Iran's fault?" The organization fought in the Syrian Civil War and lost more than 2,000 members to this date.

The statement said it was "a lie and misleading" to say the drone had entered Israel's airspace.

On Saturday, Syria's state television, citing an unnamed Syrian military official, reported that air defense systems had struck at least one intruding Israeli F-16 fighter aircraft.

Iran and Russian Federation have repeatedly called the worldwide community to pay respect to the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria which both have been undermined by interventions from Saudi Arabia, US, Zionist regime, and some other countries which opposed Assad's alignment with Iran. Iran seems determined to remain there. Beneath the surface, though, lies endless possibilities of miscalculation and future vulnerabilities, including to those opposed to the regime, as we have seen repeatedly over the past seven years. This is particularly crucial for Iran as its regional foes have chosen to sit on the sidelines in terms of direct military action against Iran in Syria. The Syrians were effective in blocking these Iranian attempts. The Iranian people staged massive protests at the turn of the year, calling for not only and end to Iran's efforts in Syria, but also regime change. The Russians are trying to contain Iranian influence as well. The risks in Russia's Syrian and overall Middle Eastern adventurism are mounting on the Iranian side of Putin's ledger.

They've all learned - Russian Federation from Afghanistan, Iran from the Iran-Iraq war, Israel from south Lebanon, and the USA from Iraq and Afghanistan - that their publics will not tolerate large numbers of body bags fighting any ground war in the Middle East.