British Court: US Neurologist Can Examine Charlie Gard

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With so much media attention surrounding the case, British officials chose to hit pause on pulling life support and are taking a second look at the case.

Mr Justice Francis made an order barring journalists from naming Dr Hirano or saying where he was based shortly after litigation began earlier this year.

Judge Nicholas Francis, whose original ruling has also been upheld by the European Court of Human Rights, said the meeting needed to be held in the next couple of days.

After a new hearing, a British judge will permit Dr. Michio Hirano to come to London and examine Charlie.

In April, the High Court ruled his life support should be removed to spare Charlie further suffering and enable him to die with "dignity". Charlie Gard's parents are pursuing relief before Britain's High Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of London.

He is due to stage further hearings later this month following next week's gathering of specialists.

Hirano, a doctor at Columbia University Medical Center in NY, has developed an experimental therapy that may be able to slow the progress of the condition.

But journalists said naming him would be in the public interest - and Dr Hirano said on Friday that he had no objection to being identified.

But the judge said Charlie must not be transferred to the United States without the court's prior permission.

Yates told told Good Morning Britain last week, "I've heard from doctors that there's around a 10% chance of this working for Charlie so I think that's a good enough chance to take". It's their prerogative. That the United Kingdom hospital or the government would not allow them to make the decisions about Charlie's life and medical care is unfathomable.

The hospital requested a fresh hearing at the High Court after doctors said there was new evidence that Professor Hirano's therapy could be helpful, but does not appear to have changed its stance at all.

Mr Justice Francis suggested that a visit to Great Ormond Street and discussions with specialists treating Charlie would be a good idea.

Doctors at GOSH say he should be moved to a palliative care unit for terminally ill patients, but his parents have raised £1.3 million (US$1.7m) to take him to the USA for the nucleoside therapy.

"Where there's life, there's hope, and we will continue praying for Charlie and his parents", Pavone said.

Lawyers representing Charlie's parents objected to the meeting being staged in the absence of both parents.

He said: "We absolutely abhor any suggestion of any threats or intimidation against members of the judiciary, legal profession or medical profession".

He added that keeping Charlie on a ventilator would not cause him harm, CNN reported, and that Charlie did not seem to be in any significant pain.

"We are delighted that Charlie's mother, Connie, will be present at the meeting that Prof Michio Hirano, the world's leading expert on Charlie's condition, will attend".

"In no possible circumstances whatsoever does any member of Charlie's family or any of Charlie's true supporters condone any such action".