Britain's young royals begin tour of Poland and Germany

Prince William and Kate at the museum of former German Nazi concentration camp Stutthof

Fans who got a chance to speak to the royal family included 21-year-old student, Magda Mordaka, who excitedly revealed: "We are fans of the British monarchy".

E! News wrote that once the initial greetings were over, Kate Middleton and Prince William, with the two children, were escorted to Belweder Palace, their base for the time they spend in Poland.

The royal couple and their children will be welcomed first in Warsaw by President Andrzej Duda.

The constituency, a true-blue Tory stronghold since the mid-1970s, includes within its borders Kensington Palace, the official London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Neither Prince George nor Princess Charlotte appeared to be uneasy, but they both had serious looks on their little faces as they surveyed their audience before leaving the plane.

THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could barely contain their giggles as they popped on a set of virtual reality goggles on a state visit to Poland.

William and Kate's trip, taken at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is likely to be seen as another Brexit diplomacy tour, helping to maintain and strengthen the UK's relations with Europe as it leaves the EU. Hundreds of thousands of Poles live and work in Britain, strengthening business ties.

On Monday, William and Kate will also meet young local entrepreneurs at a reception, followed by a garden party held in honour of the Queen.

On their first official visit to Poland, William and Kate were accompanied by their children, Prince George, who turn 4 Saturday, and Princess Charlotte, 2. They also will pay their respects at Berlin's Holocaust Memorial. And Prince George looked cute in navy blue tailored shorts with a checked shirt.

According to ABC News, Kate arrived wearing a white Alexander McQueen suit and what looked like a ruby and diamond necklace and earrings.

Tomorrow, the royals will travel to the Baltic coast where they will visit Stutthof, a World War II Nazi German concentration camp. On Wednesday, they head to Berlin.