Blizzard's official Overwatch League app now live on the Play Store

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One big highlight was definitely Fleta of the Seoul Dynasty, who brought his Pharah and rocked it so hard with direct rocket hits that there was discussion of him being the best DPS player now in the league. Millions of "Overwatch" players and fans worldwide can stream all matches exclusively from Twitch after the company signed a multi-year streaming rights with the league.

The first season of Blizzard's Overwatch League begins on January 11 (Australian time) with twelve teams vying from around the world vying for ultimate Overwatch glory and a lot of prize money. This treatment does not include transmission rights, but technological development and commercialization. "I think the team we brought over to the Overwatch League is one of the best teams in the world", Tester said.

Viewers can also tune in and the MLG app (on iOS and Android),, and the Overwatch League companion app (for iOS and Android). They can get the League skin for their favorite team and character without using any League tokens. The Overwatch League could pave the way for other esports leagues to attract investment.

They're as professional as any traditional sports team, with uniforms and merchandise, big name backers - Jennifer Lopez, Shaq, and Marshawn Lynch are behind the NRG Sports-owned San Francisco Shock - and a commitment to train and live with each other year-round. There are four stages in the league and each stage has a duration of 6 weeks. 12 teams are involved in the competition. The league hopes its city-based team structure, which is typical for traditional sports leagues, will encourage fan engagement and drive growth.

Simply put, getting more than one team skin will require players to pay up for them.

The league is aiming to play matches on a home-and-away basis "as soon as possible", Scarpati said. In contrary, the players who purchase League skins directly utilizing League Tokens. During the incredible Seoul Dynasty and Dallas Fuel match, commentator Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykkles jokingly pointed out how the crowd was chanting "USA!" for a team that only has one American player. Losing players and teams are often given the chance to reject interviews in esports, but Blizzard treated their competitors like any other athlete in the National Basketball Association or NFL. London Spitfire's strip is the nicest, naturally, maybe followed by Florida Mayhem's - tonight's match should be easy on the eye, then! If you log in between now and February 13, you'll get 100 League Tokens for free-enough to buy one skin.

Another important function of the Blizzard Arena, Kaplan said, is the ability to have complete control over the broadcast experience of its games.