BJP for 'sovereign impact' on people as PM Modi condemns cow vigilantism

BJP for 'sovereign impact' on people as PM Modi condemns cow vigilantism

Among the four arrested, one is a government employee in Delhi, while other three work in private sector.

Community leaders called on Modi to do more to protect the 14 percent of India's 1.3 billion people who are Muslims. In April, a Muslim farmer in Rajasthan was beaten to death by a mob after he purchased a cow for milk, according to reports. However, this prolonged spell of silence broke on Wednesday when liberal intellectuals, anxious teachers, and members of practically every ethnic group and religious community gathered in thousands in different cities including New Delhi to protest against a state-watched culture of catching Muslims and Dalits and lynching them over beef eating or transporting of cattle. Two more cases of lynching over cow slaughter rumors were reported earlier this week in eastern India.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi's warning to cow vigilantes will have a "sovereign impact" on people all across the country. State police soon started closing down butcher shops over suspected slaughter of cows.

"Killing people in the name of "gau bhakti" is not acceptable", he told a crowd at a Hindu ashram, or place of meditation, referring to cow worship.

"Why is there so much hatred against us?" Pratik Gurunath, a school teacher and an avid social media buff, says, "Social media is said to be a tool meant to connect us with the world".

New Delhi, June29:Protests are taking place across India against rising attacks on Muslims and Dalits (formerly untouchables) by vigilante cow protection groups. The debate over whether to create one or two countries was settled by the argument that Hindus and Muslims can't live together because Muslims can't stand pigs and Hindus can't eat cows. However, the group categorically states that people should not join the protest with party or organisational banners.

But Yousuf Saeed, a Delhi-based filmmaker, says that while attacks on Muslims have spiked in India recently, their communal profiling, slurs and bullying on public transport is not a new phenomenon. The protest could be extended as support poured in from wide circles.

"In that emotional moment, I wrote on Facebook, asking shouldn't we all be protesting as citizens".

The attacks have put Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a hard position.

His government has thus come under frequent criticism for emboldening extreme Hindu nationalists.

EVER since Modi has assumed office, one has seen Indian descending into primeval bloodletting with Muslims and Dalits being the main target of violence.

Mumbai: Expressing concern over the targeted killing of Muslims becoming a routine in different parts of India, America's top daily newspaper The Washington Post Wednesday criticized Prime Minister Modi for remaining silence, though he is very quick to respond to every big or small happening around the globe. As many as 124 people were also injured in these attacks.