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Bill Gates Regrets Meeting With Jeffrey Epstein, Calls It a 'Mistake'

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates sat down with Geek Wire for an interview in early 2019

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday rolled out a calculator for billionaires to find out how much they'd pay under her wealth tax proposal - with a tongue-in-cheek addition for billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who had a chilly reception to her tax proposal. "If we get the chance, I'd love to explain exactly how much you'd pay under my wealth tax".

Following his comments, Warren tweeted that she would be willing to meet with Gates and attempted to reassure him he would not pay $100 billion in taxes.

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates stated on Wednesday that he "made a mistake" when deciding to meet sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein while raising money for his global health campaign. Then, he added, "Sorry - I'm just kidding, ' to chuckles from a live audience". The tax, which was originally proposed to increase to 3 percent for assets over $1 billion, would be used to finance plans to provide tuition-free college, universal child care, and affordable housing, according to Warren.

CNBC's wealth reporter Robert Frank said on "Squawk on The Street" that, under Warren's proposals, Gates would fork over $6.5 billion in wealth tax on top of $7 billion in unrealized capital gains. If I had to have paid $20 billion, it's fine.

Policies like Wealth Tax, Medicare for All have received major backlash even from the fellow democratic rivals, increasing the possibility of her popularity amidst the masses to reduce. I paid more taxes than anyone. She responded to both via Twitter, saying they should be willing to pay more in taxes to help others achieve the American Dream. Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax ideas Wednesday and did not rule out possibly voting for President Donald Trump in 2020 if he is the more "professional" candidate. Though he also says, "I don't have a life where I'm allowed to complain, because basically only 99 percent of things have worked out very, very well". "(I promise it's not $100 billion)", she wrote.

At an event in NY last month, the tech giant showed off the pocket-friendly product for the first time, although it will not be available until the Christmas period of 2020.

"That amount is in the ballpark of Gates" total estimated net workth.

"You really want the incentive system to be there and you can go a long ways without threatening that", Gates said, referring to the U.S.