Bernie Sanders Keeps Winning-and Pundits Don't Like It


Polls are opening across MI for the state's presidential primary and elections officials say some 2 million voters could cast ballots.

Sanders, fresh from a testy debate with Clinton on Sunday, needs a strong showing to deprive his opponent's campaign of an argument that not only can he not win southern states but he is lagging behind in diverse Midwestern ones as well.

On Monday, the politician was on offensive, telling an audience in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that Clinton "went out of her way to mischaracterize" his vote. Sanders has seen large-scale grassroots support build around his campaign, particularly among young, first time voters. "We are going to invest in our children and have the best public school system in the world", said Sanders.

Clinton said law enforcement had to "bring them to heel". "You can help me send a message about positive, about vision, about hope, about putting us together".

During the debate, Clinton said that that was a poor choice of words and that she wouldn't use that phrasing in the future.

Sanders plans on staying in this race for a while.

"We are so disappointed with the GOP establishment, and the same old, same old doesn't cut it", he said.