Bernie Sanders' campaign is in 'major, major trouble,' polling expert says

Democrats’ wall against immigration reform

"It sounds like the president of the United States recognizes he has work to do on this issue", Newsom said, spinning the president's comments as "encouraging" - while rebuking Trump for proposals that would mean "decreasing the social safety net to address the reasons people are out on the streets and sidewalks in the first place", questioning if Trump was "familiar with the tenets or details of his budget". Originate these governors or mayors, attain they in actuality think here is a selected?

But Biden's haul trailed behind the amount raised by South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a newcomer to national politics who announced that he raised $24.8 million in the second quarter.

"I was personally insecure by the president's remarks, no longer easiest honest the false insinuations spherical his involvement, but also spherical unsheltered folks", says Laura Zeilinger, the director of D.C.'s Division of Human Providers and products, which is accountable for enforcing and managing programs for the homeless.

President Donald Trump's campaign and the Republican National Committee on Tuesday said they had raised a combined $105 million in the second quarter for Trump's re-election effort.

Sanders' campaign said Tuesday it had also transferred $6 million from other accounts. Kamala Harris, who saw a fundraising surge after her breakout performance during last week's Democratic debates.

Sanders' campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, attributed the campaign's cash gulf to Sanders's rejection of high-dollar fundraisers, which Buttigieg has embraced.

"I welcome federal involvement in helping us solve homelessness", the mayor said. Though some homeless people refuse services and shelter, according to the 2019 Point-In-Time count, most report that they do so because they feel unsafe, the shelters have bugs or germs in them, and because they're too crowded.

"You can't have what's happening, where police officers are getting sick just by walking the beat", Trump said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign announced Wednesday that he raised $21.5 million since launching his bid for the White House in April. Candidates must reach 2% in at least four polls in addition to collecting contributions from at least 130,000 donors to appear on the September debate stage.

Over 400,000 individuals have donated to Buttigieg's campaign, including 230,000 new donors in the most recent quarter. But the dry summer months, when fundraising is hard, lie ahead. He's resisting pressure from his staff to scrap his flagging presidential campaign and instead run for Senate in his home state.

He continued his gaffe-prone campaign when he told a group of 50 supporters at a fundraising event in Seattle, Washington over the weekend that in 2014 it would have been acceptable for a businessman to make 'fun of a gay waiter'. More than 99 percent of the donations were less than $100 and the average donation was $18.

Still, Democrats caution that money isn't everything.

Biden's campaign said he reimbursed money raised toward his general election. "We have energy on our side that they don't have on theirs".