Behold Overwatch's scantily clad Summer Games skins

The Overwatch Summer Games 2017 is coming

These new skins give a unique look to the game and add to the beauty of it. Gamers are already curious about it. The three-week event will see players rushing to earn loot boxes to unlock these cosmetics, but just what kind of skins can you unlock? Whether you're gunning for vintage American flag-wearing McCree or Tommy Bahama'd-out grill dad Soldier 76, get them before the Summer Games end on August 28th.

While Lucio Ball returns with a new arena in Sydney, Australia and leaderboards, players can now participate in Competitive matches. These new skins flaunt more attractive hues and designs as well.

For players who want even more than skins, there is a new Slam Dunk Pharah highlight intro and a Beach Ball Ana emote. Blizzard unveiled the new cosmetics on the Overwatch site alongside a new trailer.

Lucioball gets a new map, adding a space-age Sydney field to the earlier Rio-themed pitch from past year.

We'll get the rest of the information on the Summer Games 2017 up for you in a jiffy. In contrast to the previous event, there are not many skins which focused on Olympics.

Competitive has its own Match Making Ranking system and the top 500 players in the world will receive a special spray for ruling competitive. You'll also be able to snag gear from last year's Summer Games, which have now been discounted from 3000 to only 1000 credits.