Before-and-After Footage Shows Mexico Beach After Hurricane Michael

Before-and-After Footage Shows Mexico Beach After Hurricane Michael

One major concern? That another tropical inundation coming so soon after Hurricane Florence could cause already swollen rivers to flood again.

Based on its internal barometric pressure, Michael was the third most powerful hurricane to hit the USA mainland, behind the unnamed Labor Day storm of 1935 and Camille in 1969. Nadine is moving toward the west-northwest near 9 miles per hour (15 kph), and this motion is expected to continue through tonight.

Hurricane-force winds extended up to 45 miles (75 kilometres) from Michael's centre at the height of the storm.

Scott, who expressed frustration about people dismissing evacuation orders on Tuesday as Michael rapidly grew into a Category 4 storm, told evacuees not to return home as roads remain closed by flooding, downed trees, and power lines.

With a low barometric pressure recorded at 919 millibars, a measure of a hurricane's force, Michael was the third strongest storm on record to hit the continental United States, behind only Hurricane Camille on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1969 and the Labor Day hurricane of 1935 in the Florida Keys.

- Food and water: 2 million ready-to-eat meals, 1 million gallons (3.75 million liters) of water and 40,000 10-pound (4.5-kilogram) bags of ice ready for distribution in Florida. "They did, however, advise us that there were strong winds and said that we should not go off campus today and if we did we should proceed with caution".

As of 2 a.m. Thursday, Michael was about 25 miles east of Macon, Georgia, and is expected to move off the Mid-Atlantic coast by early Friday.

Speaking later to reporters, Trump said the hurricane was "incredibly powerful".

Michael, the 7th hurricane in 2018 in the Atlantic basin.

Mexico Beach is on the west end of what is sometimes called Florida's Forgotten Coast, so named because it is not heavily developed like numerous state's other shoreline areas, with their lavish homes and high-rise condos and hotels.

President Donald Trump has endorsed Scott and DeSantis. "It looks like another big one".

Storm surge is also inundating some areas along the Panhandle.

The governor activated 750 National Guardsmen for storm response on Monday, on top of the 500 activated the day before.

"The roof fell in but we lived through it", he said. Often, storm surge - the rapid rise of water pushed onto shore as a result of a hurricane's winds - and rainfall can have more disastrous consequences. But the surging seawater could also create perilous problems far from the coast, raising rivers and bays to risky levels as it pushes as much as 10 to 15 miles inland.

"The worst thing you can do now is act foolishly" by putting yourself in danger or keeping law enforcement from saving lives, he said at a news conference.

Thousands of people hunkered down in shelters overnight after fleeing their homes ahead of the storm.

"Think about what we've seen before with storms like Hurricane Irma", he said.

Speaking to The Tribune from Florida yesterday, he described conditions leading up to and during the storm's landfall.

Asked why her family didn't leave, she said she thought they were safe on the fourth floor of a concrete building. "You couldn't see anything anywhere".

Seminole County is "pitch black", in "complete and total devastation", Travis Brooks, director of Seminole County's Emergency Management Agency told ABC News.

Peaton says he is working closely with the National Weather Service to provide accurate information and protective measures to his county, which faces the Gulf of Mexico and is especially vulnerable to any flooding produced by Michael.