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Bangladesh plane carrying 67 passengers crashes in Nepal

Vladimir Putin shocked at loss of lives in plane crash

The rescue team had reportedly evacuated at least 17 people, who have now been transferred to a nearby hospital.

The 67 passengers on board included 32 Bangladeshis, 33 Nepalese, a Chinese and a Maldivian.

"All of a sudden the plane shook violently and there was a loud bang afterwards", he said.

One of the survivors, Nepalese travel agent Basanta Bohora, described from his hospital bed what he had experienced.

Nepal has witnessed a number of accidents involving aircraft in recent years.

Small aircraft often run into trouble at provincial airstrips. Brig Gen Gokul Bhandari, the Nepal army spokesman, said 50 people died and the fate of the others was unknown, reports AP.

Listening in to the final four minutes of the tape indicates possible confusion in the mind of the Bombardier pilot about "02" and "20", the southern and northern ends of the TIA runway.

The flight is asked if the runway is in sight, to which the pilot replies, "Negative".

"I have no recollection after I got out of the plane, someone took me to Sinamangal Hospital, and from there my friends brought me to Norvic [Hospital]".

The plane crashed in course of landing at the airport due to missed approach of the pilot, the authorities said.

US-Bangla Airlines told CBS News it was not immediately able to provide any information regarding the crash.

"The last recorded words of the pilot is: "[Unintelligeble] said sir, are we cleared to land?"

The conversation between the air traffic controllers and the pilot, which was made public, suggested the pilot ignored instructions from the ground.

Numerous bodies that lay on the tarmac covered by cloth were charred, witnesses said.

Five people who hired a private helicopter for sunset sightseeing met a fatal accident as chopper plunged into the East River after developing a technical snag. Several people had been rescued from the burning wreckage of the Bombardier Q400 series aircraft but nine people were still unaccounted for, he said.

Todays accident is deadliest since September 1992 when all 167 people aboard a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane were killed when it crashed near the Kathmandu airport.

"Our thoughts are with those injured, and their families", it said.

The air crash has been regarded as a big shot to the tourism industry of the Himalayan nation, which is still recovering after the deadly quake of 2015 killed almost 9,000 people.

The plane, operated by US-Bangla Airlines, was on a flight from Bangladesh capital Dhaka.