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Bangladesh health department to launch cholera vaccination for the Rohingya

Bangladesh health department to launch cholera vaccination for the Rohingya

The agreement was reached on Monday following talks between Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood and Myanmarese government official Kyaw Tint Swe in Dhaka.

Speaking at a press conference near the United Nations office in Geneva, humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock said the lack of access in Myanmar was "unacceptable".

New Delhi, Oct 6 India and the European Union today expressed "deep concern" over the Rohingya refugee crisis during their 14th summit with the two sides urging Myanmar to work with Bangladesh for their return.

Almost half a million Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh due to violence in the Rakhine state that has claimed lives of at least more than 100 people and displaced several others.

With the influx of people showing no signs of stopping, Bangladesh said on Thursday it would build one of the world's biggest refugee camps.

On India's position that Rohingya pose a security threat, Haque said, "Not that it always becomes (a security threat), depends on how you manage it". But because of the security situation, reporters say they are not able to freely move about the area and gather information. The population continues to remain neutral.

"If they treat us as equals, we would go back", he told AFP in a coastal town near the border. The Bangladesh Foreign Secretary further stated that since Myanmar created the problem, it's only they who can find a solution to it.

Bangladesh, with no option but to host the sheer number of people forced out of their homes, had not taken in too kindly to how Indian government was trying to skirt the issue, even as it kept calling for deportation of Rohingyas in India.

The attacks prompted a vicious response by Myanmar's authorities, resulting in clashes and death of hundreds of Rohingya, while hundreds of thousands have fled the conflict area. To add to it, Haque said that Bangladesh had given a written proposal to Myanmar on the repatriation of the immigrants. While External Affairs Minister Swaraj had not mentioned the issue during her address at the UNGA, India's stance at UNHRC in Geneva was much more on the lines of what Bangladesh expected.

In a new report released Friday, Refugees International described the actions of the Myanmar military as "crimes against humanity". We call for implementation of recommendations of the (Kofi Annan-led) International Rakhine Advisory Commission to tackle the root cause of this crisis.