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Auto plunges 7 stories through barrier of parking lot

A car fell seven stories out of an Austin Texas parking garage

In what can be seen as an unfathomable situation, a camera captured a vehicle falling into view out of nowhere at a parking garage in Austin.

Surveillance video released by the Austin Police Department shows a Chevy Tahoe driving on a street next to the garage.

The incident happened in an Austin, Texas, alley on July 13.

Medics took the driver to Dell Seton Medical Center to be treated for serious injuries, police said at the time.

Unfortunately, the unnamed driver of the BMW was able to somehow push through the restraints-the second such incident at that garage in the last 12 months.

According to KXAN, the crash occurred when the woman driving the BMW mistook the gas pedal for the brakes and crashed through the parking garage barriers.

"I can just imagine what she was thinking when I had said, "a vehicle just landed on me, I gotta go", he said. The driver managed to escape with the help of a bystander.

A motorist in the USA is surprised to still be alive after a auto falling from a parking garage just missed the vehicle he was in.

Code enforcement officials with the city have said they will urge the owner of the garage to install concrete barriers instead of the cable wires. There are plans to redesign the entire system.