Auschwitz: No Pokemon Go


NY magazine said the person who reported the presence of Pokémon in Auschwitz, also noted there was a "blue square thing" at the concentration camp, indicating the area is probably a PokéStop.

The new Pokémon Go app is being asked to stay out of the Holocaust Museum, the 9/11 Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery.

The Holocaust Museum has also recently banned Pokemon users from playing the game there as well. But, other Milwaukee institutions are welcoming players of the popular Pokemon Go game with open arms.

Tristan plays the Pokemon Go game on his phone in front of Flinders Stret Station on July 13, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. It has players exploring their real-life neighborhoods to capture Pokemon creatures.

The museum is a site of commemoration for the estimated 1.1 million people killed in Auschwitz-Birkenau and to the survivors who suffered as camp inmates.

"Playing the game is not appropriate in the museum, which is a memorial to the victims of Nazism", Andrew Hollinger, the museum's communications director, told the Post.

Many New Yorkers have discovered potential catches in subway stations with internet capabilities, but the MTA is urging them to be careful and, you know, not jump into the tracks.

Officials with the museum say they are trying to find out if they can be excluded from the game.

Pokemon Go has a link set up for people to report sensitive locations and contact on its website.

Although it has yet to be officially released in Israel, multiple people - including Israeli President Reuven Rivlin - posted screenshots from the game in the Jewish state. "I had to take a second look and I realised it was a body", she added.

Not only can this game be unsafe, it can bring players to highly inappropriate places.

Fritz and his friends came to see the house, but checked their "Pokemon Go" apps while they were there. With that being said, we can assume that the large majority of visitors are responsible enough - on their own - to avoid inappropriate behavior.

Mobile Memorial Gardens, a cemetery in Mobile, Alabama, had a dozen gamers show up Wednesday, some walking around burial plots with cellphones in hand, others driving aimlessly down roads.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Dear internet, Please hold off on your Pokemon Go backlash..."