Augmented Reality 'Harry Potter' Mobile Game Coming In 2018


A new label for Harry Potter Games, named Portkey Games, has been announced via Twitter and Pottermore today. Interactive and its new sub branch Portkey Games.

Wizards Unite, the app will be a similar AR experience to Pokemon Go that will be launching sometime next year. Niantic has confirmed that it's working on the new title, and that it's a mobile AR game, but there's no news on what gameplay might actually be like.

As TechCrunch reports, Warner Bros.

There is now no release date or launch window given, but there is an official website live that you can visit right here.

We can just see hordes of wannabe witches and wizards rampaging through the streets as they say Accio, Expelliarmus and Reducto. However, details for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are few and far between at this point.

"Almost five years ago Niantic launched Ingress, our first augmented reality mobile game, turning real-world streets, neighborhoods and cities into a global game board, and bringing people together in a shared digital reality". Published by Niantic and co-developed by Niantic and Warner Bros. It makes sense seeing as the game is still a ways off from release, as we could be looking at another summer release similar to that of Pokemon Go. Like Pokémon Go, Wizards Unite will be a location-based, augmented-reality (AR) mobile game, so get those cellphone batteries ready, nerds! Players could take on the roles of wizards who learn new spells and have to battle other players in real world locations. The app became the most successful mobile game in U.S. history - becoming more popular than Tinder, and briefly matching Twitter's popularity.