AT&T officially joins unlimited-data plan party


A single line will cost $100 a month, with the second and third lines each costing an additional $40 per month.

Still, the plans are not truly unlimited.

Sprint's new unlimited plan is sweeter for new customers, who can take advantage of special promotional pricing that runs until March 31, 2018. While that data allotment lasts, users can enjoy the full measure of Verizon's LTE speeds in their area on other phones, tablets, laptops, or whatever other devices they may decide to share internet with. On top of that, Sprint will offer 10GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data, with those speeds dropping to 2G after 10GB.

AT&T announced that it'll be offering a new unlimited data plan starting tomorrow, following in the footsteps of its competitors Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, who all announced new plans with unlimited data earlier this week.

Sprint also said Thursday that it's letting unlimited customers watch video in high definition rather than DVD quality. No word yet on the amount mobile hotspot data (if any) will be included in the plan. You can add a fourth line for free, bringing the cost to $180 per month for four lines.

In comparison, Verizon Unlimited offers customers $80 per month for one line and $180 for four lines for the first year. The unlimited plan also includes the Stream Saver feature, which downgrades video to 480p. However, similar to the unlimited plans of the old days, subscribers have to adhere to a 22GB per month limit before the carrier starts throttling their speeds when the network is busy. That said, T-Mobile has improved by leaps and bounds in the last few years and between their phone selection and what I pay for my four lines as a business account, I don't see myself leaving them until all my children are paying for their own lines.