Army veteran's dying wish: Call or text me

Lee Hernandez of New Bravos Texas has asked that people reach out by texting or calling him

She chose to post in the Caregivers of Wounded Warriors Facebook group and ask other veterans if they could send Lee text messages or give him a phone call so he'd have someone to talk to.

"After two hours and no calls he told his wife, 'I guess no one wants to talk to me, '" the post read.

According to an interview with AZCentral, Lee's wife Ernestine says her husband is blind and he feels as though his declining cognitive abilities have deterred supporters and friends from placing a call.

Despite the circumstances, Ernestine discovered a simple but meaningful way to brighten Lee's day: phone calls and text messages from others.

Last week the Arizona Veterans Forum posted Lee's request on their Facebook page; and soon, Lee found out that he was wrong.

Doctors can do nothing more for him except make him comfortable.

Hernandez served 18 years in the United States Army with a tour in Iraq.

Hearing that, Ernestine new she had to act.

The goal, the initial post said, is to let Lee know people are thinking of him. "It really lifts him up".

The 47-year-old has been battling health issues for five years but hit "rock bottom" more than a year ago.

Ernestine took matters into her own hands, contacting a support group to help drum up some phone calls.

The Arizona Republic said the best time to call or text is between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Ernestine said that is when Lee is alert despite heavy pain medication. Ernestine thanks every single person who has taken a moment to contact Lee, saying that the phone hasn't stopped ringing.

Hernandez's wife, Ernestine, turned to the "Caregivers of Wounded Warriors" to help fulfill his wish, after he spent a disappointing afternoon at his Texas home waiting for his phone to ring.

She calls Lee a "fighter, and says "a lot of people call to pray with him".