Apple's AirPods Are Now Available In Various Apple Stores

AirPods Availability

Apple officially started selling its AirPods earbuds Monday, but don't expect to be able to pick up any at your local Apple store: A number of Apple's retail locations across the country sold out of AirPods within minutes, according to reports on Twitter. Despite all the trouble, early reviews of the AirPods suggest they were worth the wait after all.

But as the AirPods truly are wireless, losses are inevitable - and expensive. The individual ear pieces were said to have problems capturing sound independently without the wire that connected two in-ear pieces in traditional models. The AirPods are also equipped with advanced sensors and a support for Apple's digital assistant Siri.

If you're hoping to buy Apple's AirPods this week, showing up before the store opens will be you best bet, although that doesn't guarantee any will be available.

The AirPods were first announced in September in addition to the iPhone 7, which included the controversial jack-free input.

The Apple AirPods can sense when worn or not, and will automatically turn on and off depending on use.

The wireless earbuds come with a charging carry case for $269.

So if you haven't received your online order yet, be sure to check out some Apple Stores as they are not widely available.

AirPods are priced at Rs 15,400 in India. Apple's W1 chip makes pairing to Apple devices incredibly easy, but it doesn't stop other systems from pairing. Also ask if there are any afternoon deliveries scheduled and be there when they are just in case more AirPods show up. However, the process will be more streamlined when the Apple AirPods are linked to Apple products like the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.